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So last year for Halloween I went with my mom to her work to make over (under) some people. Her boss wanted to be a “Prom Queen Zombie”. Something I know, fairly well, well the zombie not the prom queen. This was my first trial. Then I found out that she still had to interact with people so no blood…what self-respecting zombie doesn’t have blood? Oh well. I’ve kept this on my computer until now. Breann would be so proud.
Images may be disturbing, proceed with caution!

The Details Mostly the same for all

  • Item Used::
    • Mehron Liquid Latex (used as base for wax)
    • Mehron SynWax (used to make the cut)
    • Kryolan Burn and Injury Wheel (to create the red coloring inside wound)
    • Mehron Bruise Wheel (to make bruising :))

    Click to see the pictures!

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You will not believe what happened to me today! So I was going to Target again, to get some things to review and this guy looked like he was sick so I went to check on him. He was kinda stumbling around so I tried to help him stay on hie feet and he bit me! Can you believe it? He actually bit me…I just can’t believe it. I hope it’s not infected. It better heal up before Sunday.


Click to see the bite

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