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*sigh* So now that I’m almost done posting these past looks I’m going to have to make new ones up, aren’t I? Hmm I do have a theme in mind though. To the point, the fifth brother is Vishous. Blooded son of the Bloodletter and the Virgin Scribe (don’t ask, it gets a little tedious) he is very brutal but is also burdened with a horrible past and a special talent. His father raised him and since he had part of his mother in him (she is the creator of the entire Vampire race…told you not to ask) he had the ability to create a very powerful force-like power from his right hand. His father saw this as a danger and had him marked to let others know of the danger he was/is. So because of this he had tattoos on his face/body. Can you image little girly Vanessa trying to do a tribal-esqe tattoo on her own face at 2am? I do think I could have done better, but this was my interpretation so girly version was a go! The colors of his book are a bright blue.

The makeup used in each look will pretty much be the same, since I really only have the palettes from BH Cosmetics. But I will try and list everything used for each brother. Again please excuse the eyebrows :).I will take pictures of these palettes some day I promise!


  • Eyes
    • E.L.F Mineral Eye Primer
    • BH Cosmetics 120 -1 palette
    • False Eyelashes from eBay
    • Black E.L.F. cream eyeliner for eyes and tattoo
  • Face
    • BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer
    • Covergirl Clean Foundation 125
    • Covergirl Translucent Powder

Click to see more pictures!

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