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Hey, guess what guys? I like changing my hair up! Now I don’t really color my hair all too often, I did it once, and I loved it but it wasn’t permanent and after a few weeks it washed out to my normal brown color. I’m really trying to grow my hair back out now so I don’t really want to cut it shorter again…so that leaves me with a few options; all involving how I style my hair. I wasn’t really into curling my hair in high school or straightening it, I usually wore it in a bun. Lately, rather since Oklahoma, I’ve been obsessed with curling my hair. I’ve always had a curling iron so those were always around, but I didn’t have much else. After Oklahoma my mom bought me the Remington T-Studio curling wand…I blame all of what will follow on that little iron.

This is just an intro post, I expect these posts to last a few days/weeks. I will be going into more in-depth detail for each tool and the results that I get from them. I’m not a professional and I paid for everything I show you on these posts. I’m just a 20ish year old girl who loves to fiddle around with different tools and techniques so maybe you can learn from my mistakes? Who knows, :).

Altering Your Hair Style

The Details

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