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So I noticed I never put this up anywhere. I completed this look months ago, I think it’s almost nearing 6months. I do know that I wasn’t happy with the complete face look which is why you won’t see it here lol. I didn’t really have a direction when I began it and it just morphed into this weird Poison Ivy Care Bear mix. Not pretty at all. Anyway hope you kind of like this one but I can promise the other looks are completed and I’m editing them now.

Fourth is Green.
The color green is the color of balance and harmony. From a color psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart.

From a meaning of colors perspective, green is also the color of growth, the color of spring, of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy. It is the sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well being. This is why there is so much of this relaxing color on the earth, and why we need to keep it that way.

Green is an emotionally positive color, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. A natural peacemaker, it must avoid the tendency to become a martyr.
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A photo I took at my brother's wedding.

A photo I took at my brother’s wedding.

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