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For a change of pace I present a more dramatic look. Breann challenged when would I ever use red eye liner and I said I already had, my last haul from BH I repurchased the color Burn. This look is from the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera. It’s not a movie for everyone, as it stands I have to fast forward through certain parts. Anyway, this is Blind Mag, played by Sarah Brightman, the original Christine from Phantom, so you know she has a power house voice so she needed an amazing look. She plays a character who was born blind, but (in the near future Geneco makes organs buyable for a small -large- fee) buys her eyesight back by agreeing to be the ‘Voice of Geneco’. So her whole life has been ruled by Geneco president Rottissimo “Rotti” Largo. She decides by the end of the movie that she wants out…and no one can escape the Repo men for long. She wants out, Rotti wants his ‘eyes’ back and Anthony Stewart Head plays an amazing Repo man. You really just need to either watch the movie/musical or read about it online. The movie site may not be safe for work, please use caution, I warned you. 😉

I’ve included some photos of Mag so you get an idea for her

Image from here.

Blind Mag

  • Eyes
    • NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean
    • BH Cosmetics gel liner in Burn
    • BH Cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition Matte Black
    • BH Cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition Matte Red
    • Top Lashes-Feather Lashes from eBay (many sellers)
    • Bottom Lashes- Black Widow lashes from Ardell (Halloween Editions)
  • Face
    • BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer
    • L.A. Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup in Ivory (way too light for normal wear)
    • E.L.F. HD Powder
    • E.L.F. Studio Blush in Berry Merry
  • Lips
    • Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Grape
    • Iman Luxury Lip Shimmer in Velvet

Click to see the pictures!

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