I figured a good back to the normal post, would be a review of some items I had purchased during the holiday season. The items aren’t specific to the holiday season, and they can be purchased during any time of the year. These particular items are from the QVC Advent Calendar 2017. I had purchased this item last year as well, but it was an overall disappointment. I was hesitant to hop into purchasing the item again this year, but I figured buying it on sale and on QVC’s EasyPay option would really take the sting out of any items that didn’t work for me. Enough of the gabbing, let’s go;

Week 1:

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, 1.6 fl oz $128

I think it should go without saying, but with this being an Advent Calendar, I don’t have an option of what I’m getting beforehand so each day was a surprise! It’s been a year since I’ve had surgery (more on that in another post) and because I’ve experienced a lot of weight loss, about 100 pounds, I’ve noticed a lot of loose skin. On my neck especially, there seems to be more of that wrinkly ‘chicken skin’ texture and I don’t think surgery is an answer for it; I would mainly need topical products. This particular item is mainly meant for your neck and so that’s the only place I’ve been using it and I can tell you I see a difference! Within about a week of using it the ‘chicken wrinkles’ were gone and my neck has felt smoother. Would this be replicated with normal lotions? I have a feeling I’ll have a chance to learn that soon since I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the full product-it’s just too much to justify for such a small area.

Tl;dr Works-yes, purchasing full size-no

NEST Fragrances 1.7 fl. oz. Eau de Parfum & Body Cream Duo $85

For any of you that are familiar with Nest or their fragrances, then you know how expensive they can get, but also how lovely they smell! I’ve owned one other fragrance oil from them before and I still have it since I don’t want to run out. This item was a bit different, since it’s a rollerball and the scent is different, this offered another option to the Midnight Fluer that I already own. Even though this is called Citrine, it’s a combination of freesia, lotus flower and sparkling citrus, and let me tell you as someone who loves me some floral scents, but also wants a citrus perfume, this came pretty darn close. It’s definitely a day-time scent and wouldn’t work well as an evening ‘night out’ fragrance, unless it was to a summer time party.

Tl;dr Works-yes, purchasing full size-Very tempted…the price is a bit high but it sticks around

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream 5.2 oz. $28

This is a hand lotion…yup. Not too much to talk about there, it’s a well-known brand that offers great skin care and has some nice offers for dry skin. This particular item mainly uses shea butter, which I’ve used in the past, but I think the other ingredients they’ve partnered it with make the scent too strong for me. I love a nice clean scent, but this smelled like baby powder to me. Even after using it, the scent stayed with me and I just couldn’t get past it. I ended up giving it to a friend.

Tl;dr Works-yes, purchasing full size-no-smell was too much like baby powder

LXMI 100% Pure Nilotica Melt with Travel Size $48

Did I mention I have oily skin? I feel like this is a problem for me and the beauty industry right now since oils are all the rage. Now I know there are lighter oils, and I do use avocado oil in my eye cream, but using an item that is a balm to oil really has limited use for me. I did get a cold for a little bit during the winter break, and this did help with those really dry and red patches but I wouldn’t use this all over. They also suggest using this as an overnight mask…I can only imagine how many clogged pores I would wake up to the next day.

Tl;dr Works-balm yes; overnight mask?- ehhhh, purchasing full size-no

IT Cosmetics Confidence In a Cream Moisturizing Super Cream $48

Darn you IT Cosmetics! I really didn’t want to like your products and didn’t want to want them. During this winter I’ve had a space heater on every so often, and while my body loves it, my skin does not. So, with that happening, I’ve used this as my overnight cream and it has helped to keep the moisture in my skin even during those nights I’ve had the heater on. I was worried at first that this would be heavy on my skin and cause more issues, but if you use it lightly and dot it on then smooth it in, it really sinks in and helps keep my skin loving the winter.

Tl;dr Works-yes, purchasing full size-when I run out of samples

StriVectin TL Advanced Firming Neck Treatment Cream 1.7 oz. $85

Hey look at that, another neck tightening cream. I haven’t been able to fully try this one out since I’ve been focused on the Elemis one, but I have used this brand before and I do like it. The price point for this one is lower and they offer more gift options and packs for this choice as well.

Tl;dr Works-?, purchasing full size-when I finish the sample I will update

Pinrose Secret Genius Complete Fragrance Set with Tote Bag $55

I’ve been on a search lately to find the perfect scent for me. I love so many different fragrances and I kind of want a ‘signature scent’ but I also hate how limiting that is. There were two of these types of cloths in the box, and if it tells you anything I still have the unopened second one from last year laying around. I couldn’t find the specific scent to link above, but it’s the same brand and I can’t really fall in love with the scent or the delivery option the cloth or towelette offers. Fragrance is so specific to each person so I think these were going to always be a ‘fail’ but I decided to try one anyway and it just didn’t mesh with me. I don’t think it’s the brand’s fault-this system just didn’t really work because the scent wasn’t strong enough to last on me throughout the day, and I couldn’t spray it on my clothing to try and help it last.

Tl;dr Works-debateable, purchasing full size-no

There are 3 more weeks to come so keep an eye out.

I’m Back!!

I know I’ve made this kind of post before, but let me say I am back now and I will be posting regularly again. I wanted to make a side blog for weight loss, but I found that while I did enjoy it I wasn’t passionate enough about it to make it a long-term blog. I might post about it from time to time here, but for now let’s focus on the sparkles and neutrals we all seem to love!


~Nessa ♥

Second round of product reviews on the way! This one is a tool that I got to use in the hotel room to help charge multiple items. It’s the Photive 60 Watt 6 Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger from Amazon. There wasn’t much research done on my end so I suppose any issues I find are more my fault then the product itself, but my main requirements were price and the amount of USB spaces.


Photive 60 Watt 6 Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger

The Details

  • Purchased from:
  • Price:
    • $24.95 before shipping

The Good

So when looking for chargers I needed something that could charge multiple USB’s since we’re going to another country and I didn’t want to have to buy converters for all of us going. With this tool we can charge 6 of our devices all at once. I have a cell phone, tablet, and FitBit, my mom has her cell phone, and my aunt has her phone and tablet. This is the perfect fit (although there is a 5 USB model if you don’t need as many). Since we are still stateside I can’t say how it works in another power yet, but I will say that I use this as my normal outlet now. There is one longer cord that plugs into the unit, much like how a laptop has that plug that goes from the wall to the power, then from the power to the laptop, and then the unit. With that extra cord then my charger cable plugged in this has a really far reach. I have had 3 out of the 6 units in use at one time to test it and they all charged within a reasonable amount of time, so multiple items didn’t slow it down. The unit also has a nice sleek look.

The Less then Steller

My only complaint is that when I had my tablet plugged into one port it only charged to about 75% from about 10% in an hour, but another day I had it plugged into a different port and it went from dead to 100% in an hour. So while it says that all ports have rapid and intelligent charging I’m not sure how true that is. That’s really the only issue I have with it right now.


I’m glad I made the purchase! I know there are cheaper models, but my aunt’s phone is picky with chargers for some reason, so I went this safe route. There are also more expensive models, and while I don’t have the best electronic knowledge in the world, I can’t really reason paying triple the price for the something that has the same functions. All in all, a purchase that helps to keep my mind at ease. As a side note this will go in my carry on so that I will always be able to charge what I need.


With our trip now almost a month away I’m going to be reviewing some of the items I’ve purchased to take along with us. In this first review I’m going to be talking about some organizational items, which I’m a nut about! There’s not much use for fanfare so on we go!

TravelOn Set of 2 Lightweight Packing Cubes


The Details

  • Purchased from:
    • Target instore but available online
  • Price:
    • $9.99

So with this purchase I was looking for something to keep my portable charger and cords. I normally use an Ipsy bag but with all we’re needing one bag wouldn’t do and I couldn’t find another bag I already had that would work. So if I was going to buy something new I was going to look around to find something that would work but also not cost that much. That’s when I saw these bad boys. Now I did walk past these about 10 times on various trips so I was able to think about it for some time before leaping in. I’m so glad that I went for it and purchased these bags!


The Larger Bag

Both bags are fashioned from polyester and they both feature a mesh front which allows for quick identification of what’s inside. They both have zip closures which is nice since it allows for more space and gives you the ability to cram more in then a clasp would. Now in the larger bag I have my bulkier items which are; our converter, one additional plug adapter, a single USB plug and then another 6 USB plug with its plug. I love that all of these items fit and I won’t have random USB adapters roaming around my purse. While it does contain my necessities I will be putting this in my carry on which will live in the cubbies above me during the flight.


The Smaller Bag

This little bag it bigger than it looks. Here I have my Halo portable charger, my FitBit charger, my phone cord, and 3 additional micro-USB cords for use with other items that will need charging. Even though the Halo looks like it will take up all the space here that’s not the case thanks to the mesh and zipper. All of these items fit nicely with room for even more cords should I need them. This pouch is compact and is a tad larger than the palm of my hand, the larger bag is about 7 inches by 5 and this bag is about 2 inches smaller. This bag will live in my purse (it lives there now anyway) so when I’m traveling this is all I need on the go.


Love them, glad I bought them. Have no clue why I waited so long to ‘invest’ the $10 on them. I will say Target doesn’t usually have coupons for travel, but you might be able to get them at a discount during the summer when they have those spend $$ and get $ off types of deals.


I’ve been dreading our vacation for a little while now. I think the main reason behind that is because it’s not happening how I thought it would. Allow me to explain; the trip itself is coming along nicely. The hotels are paid for, as well as the train rides, tours, and random adventures. The plane tickets were paid for in February and we have all our luggage we need. Why dread the thing I’ve been waiting for all year then? I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be physically. I had plans that I would be at least 2 or 3 sizes smaller and that I’d be confident in who I am.

Now please don’t think that because I am larger I am not confident, I know my body (I’ve had it for 29 years) and I love all that it can do. I am proud of myself for who I am. What makes me sad is seeing where I’ve been and knowing I could be in a similar place now if I had worked harder.

This was me in 2005. I know I don’t still have those pants, and even if I did I know they wouldn’t fit. I think what makes me sad is that this is sort of how I still see myself, and then when I see what I currently look like it’s heart-breaking.


I remember that I wasn’t afraid to sit in an airline seat during this time, or to share a seat with friends. Now all I can think of is whether or not I’ll have to have an extender, and if I’ll even be able to fit in the seat. This is merely an update of to where my brain is and what I really need to focus on during the next month. I’m going to do my best to avoid fast food and cut back on soda for the next few months. Soon I’ll add more about what I’m taking and hopefully that will get me excited once again!