I am trying to make this first one less heavy than others and since I feel this is a bit more relevant at the time with so many other students now doing remote learning. I can say that all of my time in school was physically in a school and while, at times, I wanted it to be online away from others, seeing how some teachers act now, I’m glad that was not the case.

This event that I am going to speak of happened in 8th grade, since I am in the US our elementary school is 1-6th in a school, then 7-8th in another and lastly 9-12th on a different campus. I go into this detail since 8th grade is sort of important as it sets up 9th grade and the beginning of your high school experience. My 8th grade English teacher was a new one, we were her first year of teaching on her own; from our understanding she had been with other teachers and obviously done everything else required of her, but we were her test class. This class was also a Pre-AP class, why a class in 8th grade bothers to be AP I’ll have no idea, but it was like the school’s way of saying Honors, but spicier. I remember her name, look, attitude, everything about her but for the sake of I don’t know who will read this, I will call her Jane Doe.

Now Jane had a habit of really getting into things, she really wanted us to be prepared for high school and for those AP classes; she wanted all of us to be able to get a 5. I can’t stress enough how much more school we had to go through in order to get to those actual tests-we wouldn’t be actually taking them for YEARS. She had decided that we would do a mock English paper, and this part is a tad fuzzy-we knew they would be graded by an outside group but they had nothing to do with AP classes, maybe it was like an honors class type of thing, but the general information you need to know is that after we wrote our papers, timed of course, they would be taken from us, graded by an outside group, then returned to us. This grade mattered, and would have an effect on our grades so this was an important paper.

To prepare for this paper, she would have us write and write, but not in the ways we had been taught; the intro paragraph-body(s)-conclusion pattern was not good enough for her. She advised us over and over again that our INTRO needed to be spread out through our paper and that the thesis shouldn’t appear until the end. This went against everything I knew growing up, everything my teachers taught me had been challenged. Being a good student (at least at this time I was still trying) I took her way of writing to heart. I would write all of her assignments this way and she would grade them appropriately and I did well. I was excited; this test was nothing I was going to ace it. Testing day came, I couldn’t tell you what the topic was, something that was like Tell us about a time where you wanted something you didn’t get, I don’t know, but nothing like a book report.

I wrote three pages, as required, and then turned in my paper. Three weeks later we got them back. Most of my friends had ignored Jane’s way of teaching and wrote the normal way and were getting 4’s and some random 5’s, I expected at least a 4. I looked at my paper and boom, 3…and then a 2. If a paper was graded with a failing grade then they had someone else look at it as well. I failed. The first time in my entire school life, I failed. I turned my paper upside down and walked out of the room; should I have asked, sure. Did I walk to the bathroom so I could cry? Hell yes I did. I cried and cried in that bathroom, and the teacher much have said something since my two besties ran into the stall after me and tried to console me. I explained to them what happened and they were just as shocked, we all had similar writing styles and always seemed to do well but when I asked them how they wrote their papers, they told me they ignored Jane and her ‘stupid way of writing’.

I was shocked and my confidence was gone; from that point in class I was quiet, I didn’t want to share I didn’t want to write anymore. For those that failed, like me, we were given an opportunity to retake the test. We were sent to another class, a completely different English teacher, and then we were told of the criteria again, and given the test with a new topic. Before she handed out the papers, I asked about the form my paper should take; I asked if I should stick to the normal intro-body-conclusion way or the ‘other’ way, and she responded with “Why is there an ‘other’ way? The given standard is intro-body-conclusion?” She was so confused, but I couldn’t go into detail without taking more time from my writing, so I ignored Jane and put pen to paper.

5, I received a 5 on this new test and felt relief; I wasn’t stupid or ignorant, I just had bad direction. I felt as though in some way this was personal; Jane didn’t like us, and set us up to fail. This was me in 8th grade, now as an adult I can see that she was new and ignorant to how her actions would affect those she taught. I began to doubt other things however, like if I really belonged in that class, scoring a 2-even once, did I deserve a spot in an Honors class? Jane made me forget everything prior to that moment; any awards I had received, any praise from previous teachers, I was now a 2.

It took a few years for me to become confident again, which I know sounds silly, it’s just essays and writing; nothing too serious. She was also the one who would recommend what class we took in 9th grade however, so when I wound up in a remedial English in 9th grade everyone around me was shocked. I had final grade of A in her class which means I should have continued onto Honors in 9th grade, but no. The teacher in this new class even questioned it and I, once again, had to take another written test to determine which English class I should really be in.

Side note: I’m not saying anything about students and what classes they are in, we all need to be where we can find the most help, we all need to be catered to in different ways and that’s not a bad thing. If you’re in a non-honors English class that doesn’t mean you’re stupid or can’t do the work, is simply means that you express yourself in different ways. I got off track, but again just because you might be in a different type of class doesn’t mean you aren’t smart-the way schools work places value on different areas.

I was finally able to get into the class I was supposed to be in, but even after leaving her class Jane was still showing her true personality towards her students. I have so much more I can write about Jane, but since this post went a little long, I’ll write about those experiences another day.

If you feel as though a teacher, or other academic adult is treating you unfairly go to someone else and tell them. There is always someone higher-up who should respond. I wasn’t aware I could say anything as a child, and let me tell you, I should have.

Take care and stay safe ♥


My Experience With…

I have done a lot of soul searching in regards to what I wanted to focus on first on my little side of the internet. I thought about more food posts or perhaps some more makeup hauls, but then as time went on, I really kept having this feeling about wanting to talk about small things I’ve dealt with in my life and then maybe that might help someone else out there as well. While I am on my way to getting my Bachelors in Marriage and Family Sciences, I am not done yet so everything I am going to talk about are purely from my perspective and how I’ve handled them. I think I will call this collection “My Experience With…” and then change as the subject changes. Maybe this will help others out there, maybe only a few people can see it, but in any instance, I feel as though typing out my experiences will also help me cope with them.

We recently purchased The Hero’s Feast book by Dungeons and Dragons. I haven’t made anything from the book yet, but I have cast the spell a few times so hopefully this will not go poorly! Stay tuned for more!!

Beauty in Life

Soon I will be changing the theme of my page to all of the ‘beauty’ in my life. This means I will adding more information about travel, food, clothing, makeup…essentially becoming more of a life-style page. It should be interesting but why not come along for the ride?

Now that I have explained what my taste is luggage is, let’s get into some packing or luggage accessories. I have found that the less I stress before a trip, regardless of length, means I can have a better time on the trip itself. Then while on the trip, the fewer times I have to repack or worry about leaving something behind promotes a more fun trip and just a more relaxing one as well. This means that I have found several items that really help when packing, almost regardless of what you might be taking.

First up with have the common toiletry bag. I have found some variations of them that really help me to stay organized and enable me to get all the items I need into one place AND keep them there. First up is this 3 in 1 version, I used to own this one but gave it to my aunt when she went traveling on her own since it was so handy and nice to have. As you can see there are two major sections with small zippered areas as well. This means you can place your toothbrush and toothpaste in the top smaller section, then your shampoo/conditioner and other showering accessories in the bottom. This way if there is any leakage, your toothbrush is safe. The larger section also allows for hair product placement ie a brush, hairspray, gel, whatever you may need. The best part?? Both sections unbutton so you only have to take what you need into the bathroom! Then when the time comes to leave you will immediately notice if one of the pouches is missing. Bonus points for the strap that keeps it closed doubling up to a loop so you can hang it on a door, or put it on a handle in the bathroom.

3 in 1 Toiletry Bag
Construction: 3/5 just watch how much you put into the bottom pouch and how hard you pull on the snaps.
Ease of Use: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Recommend: Great for travel as long as you don’t have an involved hair care routine and need a lot of space. Purchase here.

Next up we have a makeup bag, since most of my travel has been for fun, I want to look somewhat presentable while I’m there.

This bag offers one larger side that is just an empty section, no extra pockets just an open space to put palettes or anything that takes up more space. The middle section it attached to the middle by Velcro so you can place brushes and other longer items in. The back section has two smaller pockets for anything, I usually put powders in there since the pockets allow them to not move so anything pressed will tend to not break. My largest complaint is that the outer package is not well padded so if you’re putting it in your checked bag this will be well protected. If you’re looking to just throw it in a backpack to go on a weekend getaway you might need to add something else around it to protect it.

Makeup Bag
Construction: 2/5 Really wish that there was more padding on this, the lighter construction works for normal travel but not for just throwing in a backpack and going
Ease of Use: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Recommend: If you have limited makeup and the items are not large this is a nice option, not enough padding to make it sustainable for really rough travel. Purchase here.

I am not a petite person so getting all my clothing items in a suitcase can be a struggle. That is until I found packing cubes. You can find many versions of packing cubes, from Eagle Creek branded to generic versions from other retailers. Here are some varieties I have found on Amazon, I honestly can’t remember exactly where I bought mine from, but I can tell you that there are many other versions available now.


I really love using these cubes to make sure I get all of my clothing into my suitcase. They also help with organizing tops from bottoms so you can easily just take out which cube you need at that time. If you have the ability to bring an empty cube with you then they can double up and bring one for dirty clothes.

Packing Cubes
Construction: 5/5 Nice construction usually multiple zippers help to hold everything in, please note these are not the compression packing cubes
Ease of Use: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Recommend: These are the Amazon links from the photos above. Purchase here or here .

Lastly, we’ve got to keep our electronic items in order and these types of bags really help.

I love using multiple sized bags to bring my chargers and cables all of those types of things. I tend to bring one that will live in the room and then another with my portable charger and cable to put in my purse while traveling. This enables me to have those cords ready in the room when I need them, but also have my charger with me without having to search through my luggage. These are the best photos I could find, but believe me there are plenty of options available to you.

Packing Cubes 2.0
Construction: 5/5 Many versions of these types of items this is just one version I found
Ease of Use: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Recommend: YES! Anything to help you keep your wires and electronic items ni order. Purchase here.

These are most of the packing accessories I have found I take on each trip I take.